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It is 100% natural, contains water and sugar without chemicals, fragrance or coloring additives (additives), lemon juice or other acids. It is hypoallergenic and does not cause skin irritation. The sugar paste only adheres to the hair and not to the living skin cells. The treatment is less painful than similar procedures. This is applied to the skin and massaged with hands. The sugar paste is at body temperature, so there is less chance of burning and it is possible for all age groups.

The extraction of the hair in the natural growth direction is perfect because it does not leave broken hair, redness, or irritation. It is possible to remove hairs with a length of 1-2 mm using hand technique, and even ingrown hairs can be removed with the paste. The hairs either stay away longer, or partly does not come back.
When we work with the skin, there are reactions. As the hair becomes finer and the body becomes familiar with the treatment, this reaction decreases (usually after the third treatment).

Summary of the benefits of the Natural Epilation System from PANDHY’S ™ again.

  • Removal of the hairs in the direction of hair growth reduces the pain
  • Hairs are completely removed. This will change the nature of the regrowth (the hairs become thinner and grow less quickly).
  • Due to the structure of the construction in the long term, the results are more permanent
  • The work is done hygienically.
  • The skin structure is improved with the gentle removal of dead skin cells, without damaging the living cells.
  • The work is completed in a natural way, since bodily substances are used.
  • The skin is not burdened with high temperatures or mechanical (pressure, tensile movements) or chemical stimuli.
  • Its fast with two treatment techniques are at our disposal.
  • A loyal customer is rewarded with a longer period of “hairless” using an economical process!
  • After clearly following the advice of the specialist, no other form of hair removal treatment will be necessary or desired.

PANDHY’S sugar paste Mediterranean, have a consistent consistency. This makes them easy to apply at higher room temperatures or at a higher humidity.

PANDHY’S Sweet & Easy Gel, this elastic sugar gel, combined with elastic strips, also allows a depilation with the direction of hair growth. If the patient has a lot of hair or is very wound, it makes sense to remove the hairs with FlexEpilstrips. For a perfect result, you can finish with the hand technique.

Things to remember (about 48 hours) after a treatment Sugaring.

  • No Panty
  • No leggings
  • No perfumed body lotion
  • No deodorant, Make-up
  • No perfume, after shave
  • No sunbed
  • Do not take a hot shower / bath
  • No swimming
  • No tight / colored T-shirt, preferably a white T-shirt

Hair growth is genetically determined and runs through several cycles (the period from the first day of menstruation to the first day of the next menstruation). In phase 1 you are at period, in phase 2 the ovum ripens in the ovary. It is impossible to treat every hair in one treatment, so understand that what you choose for sugar depilation different treatments are needed to lead to degradation of the follicle. While this is different for every person, it is very important that there is no other form of depilation between the sugar treatments.
Due to an accumulation of dead skin cells that form over the mouth of follicles, the new hairs are not strong enough to make their way to the skin surface. Itching and bumps will appear in the area. Customers with dry skin are even more likely to have ingrown hairs. This is a temporary phenomenon and will be quickly removed by regular scrubbing and hydrating. Avoid sun and sunbed, hot baths, swimming pools, or sauna after the hair removal and avoid tight clothing because we carry out deeper hair removal with sugar. It is advisable to apply the post-treatment products regularly the next few days.

Shaving: It goes fast, is cheap, and I endure it well. The pain is minimal as long as you do not shave according to the direction of hair growth. The hair cycle can be changed. The hair tends to grow subcutaneously. If the skin becomes leathery, there is a risk of micro-injuries. Even after shaving, you may not have smooth skin. For example: the client has been shaved up to now, she will also react more sensitive to pain!

Depilating: The equipment is not expensive, but it is painful. The hairs are not always removed with the root. The hairs may break off, the hair tends to grow subcutaneously, and the hairs dry out. No account is taken of the direction of hair growth and the hairs may twist.

Depilatory cream: This is a process that is cheap and it’s fast. Chemical products “break down” the hairs on the surface of the skin, which can damage the hairs. The manufacturers are now concentrating on a process to shorten the contact time. In the case of strong hairs, the exposure time must be extended to release the hair. The skin may be subjected to irritations and allergic reactions.

Waxing: You can do this yourself or with the help of others. Wax stiffens the skin and fixes the hairs. The hairs are pulled out by in strips against the direction of hair growth. The epithelial cells are damaged, the hair breaks down, and presses the capillaries. This process cannot be done in some places.

Sugaring: This is good in part because this is a hygienic natural product. The technique is the same as when waxing, however with sugar the hair is removed with the direction of hair growth (Turkish technique). When sugar is made, we create an opening for the pain and germs into the subcutaneous skin.

Pandhy’s ™ institute and home care products contain pure, high-quality, high-quality essential oils. The operation is done on the basis of the interacting energetics of the content substances. The related aromatherapy gives the skin a helping to restore itself and will thus support its own function mechanism. All Pandhy’s ™ products are paraben free. They correspond to the international standard Safe Cosmetic (harmless cosmetics). Our packaging can be recycled. The raw materials are sustainable raw materials. This means that you also work with respect for our environment. Our products are not tested on animals.

Pandhy’s ™ Skin Purifying and Calming Lotion (good for allergies)
The hair shaft and the hair follicles must be thoroughly cleaned so that the sugar paste can penetrate into the follicle neck. Cleaning products containing alcohol dry out the skin and cause the follicle to contract. By applying this liquid cleaner, you provide optimal conditions for the treatment with sugar. The cleaner of Pandhy’s ™ is, thanks to its properties, widely applicable in cosmetics.

Pandhy’s ™ Talcum powder
The powder from Pandhy’s ™ ensures that the excess moisture is absorbed. It consists of 90 to 100% talc. It does not contain fats or perfumes.

Pandhy’s ™ Rose Water (Bikini Line)
After the sugar, the acid skin coat is irritated. The follicles are open. Rose water cools down and has a slight astringent effect. Our rose water is also perfectly suited for removing make-up and for care. Percentage rose oil: +/- 0.9%, pH value: 6.55

Pandhy’s ™ Lavender Water (Armpits, Brazilian)
Decontaminating, calming, analgesic, soothing and bactericidal. Lavender has a broad effect and can be used with: acne, allergies, eczema, inflammations etc …

Pandhy’s ™ Rathany Calming & Hydrating Body Lotion (Solar Factor 15)
This moisturizing lotion was specially developed for application after sugar. It has a complex composition. This product is soothing, supports healing, closes the follicle and brings in moisture. At the same time, it lays a layer over the skin surface after sugar. That is why it should remain on the skin for as long as possible and should not be washed off after a short time, it is well tolerated by the skin.

Pandhy’s ™ ACV treatment lotion
This high-quality care lotion is available as a product and for sale. Has an antibiotic, antibacterial and antiviral effect. This product promotes the healing of wounds and soothes the pain, making it ideal for sensitive clients. With regular use, the skin remains soft and supple, just after a treatment with sugar. Our lotion provides an invigorating and anti-inflammatory effect.

Pandhy’s ™ Miracle Essential Oil
This oil blend is an effective anti-aging product and helps with inflamed follicles when applied locally. Jojoba oil is enriched with lavender and tea tree oil. Jojoba oil has a slight anti-inflammatory effect and a soothing effect. It has a factor of 4. For example, to effectively treat inflammation of hair follicles or the bikini line. As a summary, it can be established that this valuable oil provides the skin efficiently, makes it supple and supports it in the healing process.