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Corns are very common and form when your feet are exposed to high amounts of pressure. Corns often feel like a lump of hard skin and tend to develop on the bottom of the feet, between the toes or on top of them. Corns build up over time and can become painful and uncomfortable if left untreated. They can also lead to ulceration and infection, which is particularly concerning in patients with rheumatism,  diabetes and the elderly.

Corns  can develop for a number of reasons, including:
Poorly fitting footwear
The shape of your feet
The way you walk
Neglecting regular moisturizing

There are a number of ways to prevent or delay their recurrences, such as wearing correctly fitting footwear and regular moisturizing.


Here at Joyro, we utilize different padding techniques to reduce pressures.

Attending regular pedicure appointment will prevent the corn from building up to a painful level.