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PACT fungal nail therapy

Fungal nail infections are common infections of the fingernails or toenails. These conditions are more common in toenails than fingernails.
A fungal nail is a nail infected with a fungus. When this penetrates and spreads, Onychomycosis (the medical term for fungal nail(s)) develops.
A fungal infection can easily develop in damaged nails as a result of, for example:
* Susceptibility to fungal infections
* Trauma to the nail can be caused by
– Bumps:
– sports;
– walking;
– steel nose shoes;
– shoes with a low nose;
– poorly fitted shoes;
– tightly fitted shoes.
* Stress / pressure
* Reduced resistance.
Moisture and heat increase the chance that fungi can nest in nails. Fungal nails are, therefore, a common problem and very difficult to treat.


* Lime nails (Unguis callosis) colloquially the name for any thickened and discolored nail
* Horn nails (Onychausis) may have a thickened nail caused by several causes;
– congenital;
– damages from wearing small shoes;
* Ram’s horn nails (Onychogrryphosis) = a neglected horn nail
* Psoriasis nail (Onychopsoriasis) = a thickened and discolored nail by psoriasis


PACT® Fungal Nail Therapy is a new method for treating fungal nails that are 100% fungicidal. This innovative treatment therapy from Germany originates from the dentist world. PACT-effective and painless, without side effects. The results and the recovery phase to a healthy nail are unprecedented. PACT is an abbreviation and the scientific term for Photodynamic Antimicrobial Therapy. This method can be used very effectively for fungus infection on the toe and fingernails.


This treatment therapy consists of three parts.
* the preliminary phase
* the actual PACT treatment
* and the after trajectory.

Your “Medical pedicurist” must first determine whether it indeed a nail fungus in the preliminary phase. Not all discolored and thickened nails are nail fungus. There may also be, for example, a horn nail or a psoriasis nail. Your Medical Pedicurist will examine your nails with use of FungiCheck kit and some nail clippings to detect Dermatophytes. With a positive diagnosis that it is a fungal nail, the actual PACT treatment can start. With a positive diagnosis that it is a fungal nail, the actual PACT treatment can start.


In preparation for the PACT treatment, the fungal nail is thinly milled and roughened. Then a gel is applied to the nail containing the photosensitizer Toluidin blue (photosensitive dye). This colorant absorbs into the fungal nail during the application time of 10 minutes.












After the application time, a unique PACT lamp with a red LED light is placed on the nail. Because this light has a specific wavelength, the gel’s blue dye is activated, and singlet oxygen is created, which damages the fungus’ cell wall. With a broken cell wall, the fungus can no longer live and dies. This treatment is carried out three times over a period of about ten days and an additional fourth treatment after one month. Because a human’s cell wall is constructed differently from that of a fungus, this treatment method is otherwise safe for humans.

Calculation of an infection with a result of Mild = minimum 4 treatments.
Medium = every month (duration ½ year).
Severe = every month (duration ½ year á 2 years).













When the fungus has been killed, the post-treatment process can begin. It is essential here that no re-infection occurs and that a new (healthy) nail develops quickly. Proper measures should be taken where nail fungus can be contracted or avoided to minimize re-infection risk. Several things are essential here: Rinse and dry your feet well after washing, also between the toes, and wear clean socks every day. Shoes worn during the fungal infection should be desinfected with an anti-fungal spray daily before wearing. It is also advisable to use an anti-fungal product on the nail in the first period after the treatment to protect it as much as possible against re-infection.








Using a special nail cream is recommended to stimulate the growth of a new ( healthy ) nail.









The PACT® Fungal Nail Therapy is a unique treatment method. To ensure this treatment therapy’s quality, I followed a particular course as a “Medical Pedicure” in which this method, with its specific properties, was taught both in theory and in practice. If you are “faithful to therapy,” this can help ensure that you get healthy and beautiful toenails again.
If you would like to know what the options are for your fungal nail (s) treatment, make an appointment.



Advice for the client to prevent the risk of re-infection
* Wash feet daily without soap
* Dry thoroughly, especially between the toes, with a dry towel
* Daily use of foot cream (1x p / d)
* From day 1: one burst of HFL Solution sprayed directly into the shoes is more than enough
* From day 1, Daily use of urea 40% cream (at night)to promotes recovery and nail growth
* Use one drop of Dadi oil (during the day) and massage it into the nail
* Do not use hot water compress bag or warm foot baths
* Wear leather shoes with a leather shoelace and shoe change
* Do not walk barefoot
* Please wear slippers when visiting Sauna and showering during sports.




Intake € 20,-
FungiCheck test € 50,-
Anti-fungal Pact package starting from € 45,-
This package is to prevent re-infection, promote the nails’ growth, make it healthy more quickly, and are necessary for achieving good results.

* HFL Solution Spray
* Tincture (repairer)
* Dadi oil
* Pact Urea 40 ointment


Treatments PACT Therapy by:
1st nail           € 25,–
2nd nail           € 29,–
3rd nail           € 33,–
4th nail           € 39,–
5th nail           € 45,–
6th nail           € 52,–
7th nail           € 63,–
8th nail           € 74,–
9th nail           € 88,–
10th nail         € 105,–